Cleveland Flu Shots? Why Should I Get One

The flu shot, otherwise known as the influenza vaccine, is an annual vaccine that health organizations like the National Institute of Health recommend for everyone who wants to be protected against the annual onslaught of the flu every winter, but especially for children between the ages of 6 and 18. Cleveland urgent care facilities like Ridge Park Urgent Care are able to supply the area families with these flu shots with no appointment necessary.

The recommendation that increased the age to 18 is not because of some sort of freak sudden loss of our nation’s teenagers immune systems to deal with infection. Rather the recommendation is one that is meant to help the parents. The less likely the teenager is to get sick, the less likely the parent is to lay sick in bed trying to recover. A Cleveland flu shot will ensure that both parents and children spend less time at home sick, missing school and work.

For those wondering specifically what is in a flu shot, the answer is threefold. A Cleveland flu shot will protect against the one A virus (H3N2), the regular virus (H1N1), and the one B virus. It is important to note in this day when fears of the deadly H1N1 virus that originated in Mexico this summer, that this flu shot is not going to protect against the new strain of influenza.

The reactions to these new types of influenza (the recent swine flu epidemic has seemingly erased the memory of the avian influenza strain) tend to polarize the public. Some will fear for their daily lives, interrupting everything they do and carrying around a packet of disinfectant wipes while others will dismiss the reaction to the new virus and downplay the danger of the influenza strain.

Both are overreactions. Visiting a local urgent care facility in Cleveland for a flu shot means that a person of any age can go on living life to the fullest (at least as fullest as possible in the Cleveland winter).

Influenza is a real danger. Strains have wiped out great fractions of the population as recently as the 20th century. The last great pandemic was the Hong Kong Flu in that struck from 1968 to 1969 that took the lives of 750,000 to a million people. Most people will recount the Spanish Flu though. That strain of influenza wiped out 20 to 40 million people from 1918 to 1920.

Even in these modern times the common influenza strains are responsible for 36,000 deaths in the United States due to the infection or complications relating to the infection. Worldwide that number balloons to numbers that vary from a quarter of a million to half a million people.

It is simple realities like those that make a Cleveland flu shot something to seriously consider. The vaccination will also help spare a person from becoming one of the 200,000 that are hospitalized every year because of the flu. Suddenly a trip to the local Ridge Park Urgent Care facility in a person’s spare time does not sound so ridiculous.

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